About me

This is my healing diary. And my “be a published author” training. Like a football pitch for the junior league.  Please be nice.

I am the daughter of an alcoholic father; and all that goes with substance abuse. Just ask if you wonder anything.

You may need to know that father has now been dead for over 10 years.

First was the idolizing the dead.

The continuing dysfunction made it impossible to bury the clever little head in the sand. Depression & anger set in. For a while. And then, came sadness & heartbreak. Only then, & until this moment, did healing find some space in me & my life.

I am dealing with the Fleas. I am an optimist. I am healthy. I am working on myself. I am loved.

You may call me Dorcas. No, not really; Call me Linnie. wink…wink

Love-peace Loop

As if all the powers had converged to heal me, I live surrounded by water, love and the woods. The perfect environment for calm, peace of mind & healing.

Meditation. Prayer. Dance. Read. Hope. Life. Agatha Christie. Sex. Write. Family. Travel. Wine. Single Malt Whiskey I will not live in fear of alcoholism!! Repeat 3 times. Sunshine. A fast car. Conan Doyle. Nice shoes. Pretty Bags. Beautiful Old/antic Furniture. Good real Friends. Respect for the Law. Laughter.

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